[D] package and assembly info

If you are looking for a company to package and assembly the chip, you can check the following website and contact these companies. Some companies provide package components but some don’t, so you have to buy yourself and deliver components to them.


MOSIS also provided some package manual at here. The bondwire model with inductance, resistance and capacitance is also attached.

So for the future simulation, if you want to get more real model, you have search the bondwire parasitic parameters based on the chip package type.

For chip package and assembly work, we have to search which type of package is fitful for your chip. Like for image sensor chip, we have to use the package with open cavity. The size of opening you also have to consider.

How many leads does the chip need? What about the die size? Which type of the bond wire? What about the bond type? And what about the package sealing preference? What about the die pad width & pitch? What about the wireboding diagram?

All these considerations you have to make before sending the die to companies.


If you want to know the introduction about different package types, please read the page on wikipedia.

I also recommend the article posted on sparkfun. It introduces about the IC and package information you need to know.



Package Types:

PGA: PIN Grid Array

BGA: BALL Grid Array

DIP: Dual in-line package (CERDIP, PDIP, SPDIP, SDIP)

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