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Matlab basic issues: Simulink Scope settings

For using the scope correctly, we have to know how to setup scope. For the first setting window, we often need to change the number of axes to add more curves to watch in the scope. If you want to … Continue reading

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GOood Websites by Fuding GE

Fuding GE’s homepage Fuding Ge’s circuit design Job Hunting Guide for Analog/Mixed circuit design

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Recommended Links By Dr. Roger Laker

LINKS— Focusing your research for publication (article by G. Whitesides) Directions for writing a paper and preparing a presentation. Directions for writing an abstract. Scientific / Mathematical Software Simulation tools, semiconductor info., and more. Free 1D Quantum Device Simulation tool … Continue reading

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Recommended Courses to Take for Analog IC Design (©Fuding Ge)

 Courses: You must take the following courses: • Device physics • Analog circuits analysis and design • Advanced analog IC design • A/D converter • Digital circuits analysis • VLSI design • Filter design • PLL design • RF circuit … Continue reading

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ZT: RC low-pass filter circuit

DAE notes is a good website. Basic circuit knowledge is explained very well.

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ZT: Standford EE214 course

Original blog is here. Course name: Advanced Analog Integrated Circuit Design Analysis and design of analog integrated circuits in advanced MOS and bipolar technologies. Device operation and compact modeling in support of circuit simulations needed for design. Emphasis on quantitative … Continue reading

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