Bit Rate, Sampling Rate, ‘.wav’ audio files

After using C and Matlab to do some programming works related to wave audio files, I got known something related to bit rate, sampling rate and wave file format.

What is bit rate? And how to calculate it?

bit rate = sampling rate * byte

The unit used for bit rate is bps or bit/s, namely “bits per second”. For example, one byte per second corresponds to 8bit/s. Another example, if one file has 64kbps and each second we can read the data with 8bit one channel. So the sampling rate is 8kHz. But if we read the data with 16bit one channel, the sampling rate is 4kHz. What’s more, if the file is two channel audio, the sampling rate is 4kHz for 8bit data.

When I tried to use the audio file, I have to know its format. I recommend the link which explained very well.


The first 44 byte (8bit) includes the header information for a WAVE file. So if we want to use the audio data, we have to use the pointer pointing from the 45th byte. Also at the end of the file, it also some fixed format information.

After understanding the format of wave files, I know how to combine those data from two wave files. And I also know other data type files having different header information. If we want to use them, we have to pay attention to those and understand them.

This issue happened every time when you build up the new project.

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