Setup for Xubuntu v14.10

Xubuntu has the following softwares:

  • LTspice
  • Electric VLSI
  • Matlab R2010b
  • WineHQ
  • LibreOffice
  • Synergy
  • Dukto
  • Shutter

For the LTspice and Electric VLSI setup in Linux, you can review Blog Doc: Electric VLSI installation to Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu.

In the installation of Electric VLSI, we have to use WineHQ, which is the linux software for running windows applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X.

I got a issue when I use WineHQ 1.6.2 with gcc 4.9.1 in Xubuntu to install some windows applications like Microsoft office. So I go to WineHQ website and update the version to Wine 1.7 beta. Then it works. I followed the youtube video to install the OFFICE2003.

For using Matlab in Xubuntu, we can copy the link shortcut after installing the LTspice by using wine. And edit the copy link property. In the Launcher tab, please edit the correct Command for matlab and working directory. In final, you can download the image of matlab to change the icon.

The synergy, shutter, and Dukto are very useful tools in Xubuntu. Synergy is for duplicate the keyboard and mouse in different computers under same local network. Shutter is a good screenshot tool. Dukto is the easyfile transfer tool designed for LAN use.


For normally using firefox in Xubuntu 14.10, you have to update the adobe flash player plugin. First, download the xx.tar.gz file from the website. Then, locate the firefox plugin directory: /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. Extract the tar.gz file and go to the extracted folder. Copy to the firefox plugin directory.

The command is cp /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins

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