IC615+ASSURA41+MMSIM13 Installation in CentOS 5.8 VirtualBox 4.3 Machine

This is my first time to install the Cadence EDA tools in VirtualBox Machine. I searched and read many articles from eetop forum and edaboard.com. And I tried a lot of Linux machine. In final, I decided to use CentOS 5.8 to install these IC design tools.

There are top two references I like to recommend to read at first.
1st: http://bbs.eetop.cn/viewthread.php?tid=457073&from=favorites

2nd: http://bbs.eetop.cn/thread-452284-1-1.html

After reading the article, we know we don’t need to download these tools by ourselves. We can register on the Cadence website: https://www.cadence.com/pages/registration.aspx. Then go to download.cadence.com to download those tools you need.

The first thing we have to do is to download the InstallScape which is the software designed for other tools installation.

1) mkdir installscape in your $HOME directory(/home/xxx).

2)cut or copy the downloaded file IScape04.23-s004lnx86.t.Z into $HOME/installscape. And then in terminal run the command: zcat IScape04.23-s004lnx86.t.Z | tar -xvf – (which extract all files into installscape)

3)mkdir /opt/cadence under root authorization. Move the installscape folder into /opt/cadence by sudo mv   /home/xxx/installscape   /opt/cadence

And please don’t forget change the permission: sudo chown root:root -R /opt/cadence/installscape

4) Then cd to the /opt/cadence/installscape/iscape/bin/ to run sh iscape.sh for launching the InstallScape tool.

5) Click the Search and Install releases icon like telescope, it will ask you login your cadence account. Then we can see many tools list in the middle. Before doing anything, we have to set up the preferences in the menu. Click Preferences –> Directories and set cache dir: /opt/cadence/installscape; set Default Install dir:/opt/cadence; set Default download dir: /opt/xxx/Downloads. Later when you install other tools, they will automatically generate the folder like /opt/cadence/MMSIM131.

6)Now we can search the IC615 in the search bar and select the IC615 tools. Then press Continue on the right corner. After a while, click start on the same position to begin installation.

7) Make sure each tools like MMSIM and ASSURA, CALIBRE, you have to set up OA directory to /opt/cadence/IC615/oa_vxx.xx.xxx which is the OpenAccess installation folder of IC615. If you type some error when you input this directory, don’t worry and you can click configure releases in the menu and select which tool you want to continue for revising the settings stuff after IC615 installation is finished.

8)For ASSURA(DRC&LVS tool) and MMSIM(for spectre simulator) installation they are similar to the above. Search the tools and select them. Click continue and start to install.

9)The above steps are installing the EDA tools. Now we have to path them (IC615, MMSIM, ASSURA, etc) and use the license to get the right to use them.

10)After that, we had better to change the permission for those folders. These commands are used for set up cadence folder to read/executable for other users except root.

sudo chown root:root -R /opt/cadence

sudo chmod 755 -R /opt/cadence

11)Now we need to edit the .bashrc under /home/xxx for tools environment settings.

12)We need to install PDK for IC design.

PS: you need to yum install libelf.so.1 and libXp.so.6 packets.


The following page is going to talk about how to set up the CALIBRE and ASSURA. These two tools are used for DRC&LVS and parasitic extraction. These three steps are very important in the IC design. DRC is used to check your layout correct or not; LVS is used to match your layout with schematic; PE is used for extracting parasitic resistance and capacitance to let designers know how is chip’s working after fabricated.



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2 Responses to IC615+ASSURA41+MMSIM13 Installation in CentOS 5.8 VirtualBox 4.3 Machine

  1. Aman says:

    What about licenses? In the procedure that you have described, does the cadence account that we use to access InstallScape must have the licenses with it? Or does this install the tools as some trial version?


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