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Basic Understanding of ASIC EDA Tool: Cadence Virtuoso

At first, I want to list some big EDA companies: Cadence Design System Mentor Graphics Synopsys Silvaco International Cadence Virtuoso is the EDA tool of Cadence Design System for designing analog, RF or mixed-signal circuits. Virtuoso provides the Virtuoso Schematic Editor … Continue reading

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IC615 Virtuoso+Schematic Editor Issue

After setting up the Cadence tools, I faced a lot of little issues. I want to record them and write down these solutions. 1st Issue: These files “.bashrc, cds.lib, .cdsinit, .cdsenv, display.drf ” are very important for using different PDK … Continue reading

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IC615+ASSURA41+MMSIM13 Installation in CentOS 5.8 VirtualBox 4.3 Machine

This is my first time to install the Cadence EDA tools in VirtualBox Machine. I searched and read many articles from eetop forum and And I tried a lot of Linux machine. In final, I decided to use CentOS … Continue reading

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IBM7RF PDK Installation

When I got the IBM7RF PDK the first time, I was astonished by such many zip files as shown below. I don’t know what each of them means.  I check those files inside them and read some manuals and I … Continue reading

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Centos 5.8 Installation in Virtualbox

Software List: Win7, VirtualBox 4.3.26, CentOS 5.8-x86_64bit. 1. Follow the CentOS steps to install the Linux in VirtualBox. After finishing the installation, you will see the system screen is very small. So we need to install the VirtualBox Guest Addition … Continue reading

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Unix/Linux Learning: Basic understanding about Unix/Linux and Shell

I found two websites talking about the Unix/Linux (web1) and Shell Knowledge (web2). I will try to learn more about it for PDK installation.  I will write down more notes about learning.

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Blog Doc: PDK information and installation

In order to install the PDK successfully, we have to know what is PDK and some basic knowledge about it. Please read the article T13RF PDK.

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