Blog Doc: Electric VLSI installation to Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu

Electric Installation for Ubuntu-14.10 with SPICE simulation (LTspice).

1. Search the Electric in Ubuntu Software Center

2. Install the Electric and download the latest Electric-9.05 from Electric VLSI website

3. Install the OPenJDK 7 by type: sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

4. Now the Electric_VLSI can be seen in toolbar. Run it and it is the older version. So now find where you download the Electric-9.05(the latest version) in ubuntu. And rename the file into electric.jar. Then open a terminal and go to the direction where you put the latest Electric. Type: sodu cp electric.jar /usr/share/java/

Then you can copy the latest version of Electric VLSI to installed Electric folder. Re-open the Electric icon in toolbar, you will see the latest version of Electric. But if you load the CMOSedu_Electric models, you can’t simulate those schematics and layout because there is no SPICE simulator.

5.  Now install the LTspice. The wine should be first installed and then the LTspice can be running in ubuntu.

Type:     sudo apt-get install wine

cd /tmp/


wine LTspiceIV.exe

rm LTspiceIV.exe

After finishing the installation, you can find the LTC folder under ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/LTC/LTspiceIV/scad3.exe

If you want to run the LTspice, you can find it in the Applications by searching. And also you can type the directory in terminals to run it by /home/compuater-name/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/LTC/LTspiceIV/scad3.exe.

6. Next, you have set the spice in Electric preference. Follow the guidelines in web. Differently, we need to copy the LTC folder under the .wine/drive_c/Program Files into .wine/drive_c to help Electric to detect the software. If not, we can’t use the LTspice in Electric.

Finally, the run program path is /home/unlv-ic/.wine/drive_c/LTC/LTspice/scad3.exe.

The with args is i ${FILENAME} -r ${FILENAME_NO_EXT}.raw -o ${FILENAME_NO_EXT}.out

7. Now we can run the SPICE simulator in Electric. Without the latest version, we will get “.OPTIONS NOMOD NOPAGE” issues. Therefore, we have to update the Electric VLSI version and reset the LTspice path in the Ubuntu 14.10 system.

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