Blog Doc: Lubuntu Installation NOTES

For Ubuntu system, I had tried different versions. Xubuntu and Lubuntu are my favourite. If you want to download the latest version of Xubunt, please go to If you want to download the latest version of Lubuntu, please go to

Both of them are very small, lighter and faster. Differently, Xubuntu seems to be more beautiful and Lubuntu is more simple.

Now based on Lubuntu system, I wrote down the following notes for future use.

1. The first thing after installation, we have to update the system and software.
sudo apt-get update

2. Check the additional drivers in the Ubuntu Software Center. For Virtual machine (Virtualbox users), press the device and insert guest addition images. If you are use vmware, you can also add additional drivers to fix the resolution issue.

For virtualbox users, please click Device and insert Guest Additions CD image. Then cd to the media directory. Use the command sh to install addition stuff. Only after you installed it, you can share the folder from Host system. And you can fix the resolution issue.



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