Unix/Linux Command for IC designers

1. The most useful command is to cmd – – help. So you can check how to use the cmd.

2.tar -zxf   xxx.tar  -C  directory
extract the xxx.tar file to the directory. // comment–if there has an error related to gzip:stdin:…. bababa, you can change the command to tar  -xf  xxx.tar  -C directory.

3. ls -la
list the total files and in a line in the current directory.

4. locate -b ‘\name’
This cmd can help you to find the folders locations.

5. rm -r direcotry
This cmd can rm the directory.

6. zip -r myfile.zip myfile/
Compress the myfile folder to myfile.zip. This method is much faster than tar command and the size is smaller.

7. unzip -o -d /home/sunny myfile.zip
Extract the myfile.zip to the destination /home/sunny. -o means without warning and -d means the destination given.

8. cp source_file destination directory
This command helps you copy the source_file to destination directory.

9. cp -r folder2/* folder1/
This is to copy all the files under the folder2 directory to folder1.

10. sudo uname –m
Check your system is 32(i686) or 64(x86_64).

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I attached a photo listing some basic Unix Commands.


1. cat /etc/shells: check which shell has been installed in the server.

2. echo $SHELL: check which shell is the default one.

3. cat /pro/version: check which Linux you are using. You can also use uname -a or uname -r to check the more kernel information.

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For Lubuntu 11.04 installation, we have to deal with the resolution issues by adding addition graphic drivers. Please reference the youtube video; http://www.youtube.com/watch/v=MpAsVvbsRNk. PS: If you install the Lubuntu in Virtualbox. We have two things to do. First, insert the addition guest stuff from Virtualbox. Second, please find the additional drivers in Lubuntu and install them for the system.

PS: For search a Linux Command, please go to the linuxde website.

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